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The New Fish Lyfe App!!!   

We have recently launched an app designed to give you the angler more detailed and up to date info than has ever been offered before. All the info is provided by guides and successful tournament anglers who are always on the water and on top of their game. Click the links below to find more info and find out if your favorite lake is available!

Yourlakeforkguide Pro Lanes

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Product Details

Navigate at your own risk! Lake Fork has many under water hazards and can have floating hazards at any time. Yourlakeforkguide can not be held responsible for damage to your property or injury to yourself or passengers in your vessel. We have created navigation lanes for Lake Fork that cover more areas of the lake and give more detail than any product before! Two different colored lanes which are good for navigation at 6ft low water levels and higher and 3ft low water levels and higher. Each lane features hazard waypoints that let you know when under water hazards get close to the marked lanes. When hazard waypoints are close to the marked trail you will want to idle those sections the first few times through until you have confidence to keep your boat precisely on the marked trail. it is important to keep your boat as close to the marked lane as possible at all times.

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